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LP Gas Pressure Gauge (Industrial)

LP Gas Pressure Gauge (Industrial)
LP Gas Pressure Gauge (Industrial) LP Gas Pressure Gauge (Industrial) LP Gas Pressure Gauge (Industrial) LP Gas Pressure Gauge (Industrial)
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This unique LP Gas Gauge is fitted with an automatic shut-off feature should there be a sudden loss of pressure in the pipe line. This makes an installation very safe knowing that the gauge will automatically shut-off the gas supply should it be needed.

The JIT Auto Shut-Off Gas Gauge imported and distributed by JIT Procurement (PTY) Ltd takes safety in the use of LP Gas appliances to the next level with specific reference to safety. This one is 5/8" BSPF Left Hand. The JIT Auto Shut-off Gauge has THREE very important features:

  1. It gives an indication of remaining gas in the cylinder. The volume of gas left in the cylinder is directly linked to the pressure in the cylinder. As the pressure in the cylinder drops the volume of gas will also drop resulting in the needle dropping to the left and eventually dropping all the way indicating an empty cylinder.
  2. The gauge has a built-in feature which will immediately shut-off the gas supply to the gas line in the unlikely event of the pipe being interrupted. This feature takes away the fear many people have for LP Gas and the use of LP Gas appliances.
  3. The needle on the Auto Shut-Off can also be used to confirm a suspicious leak in the gas line. With the gas line under pressure, shut the cylinder's valve. If there is a leak in the system the needle will slowly drop to the left until it goes all the way to the left and stops. This indicates that there is a leak in the gas line. If the needle remains at its position prior to closing the valve on the cylinder, it indicates that the system keeps pressure which means that there is no leak. In the event of a leak, your registered gas installer must be notified immediately to find and fix the leak.


lh gauge 002This Auto Shut-Off Gas Gauge is also available for leisure cylinders (3/8" BSPF Right Hand). They are the cylinders used with caravans, campers, motor homes and other applications. These are the cylinders taken to a gas dealer and refilled on site.

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