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Minimum Safety Distances

The following minimum safety distances are applicable for any LPG installation. It is very important to confirm that your installation was done accordingly.

  • The installation (LPG bottle/s) must be at least 1m from a door.
  • Any electrical source of ignition (any switch) must be at least 1.5m above the installation (LPG bottle/s).
  • Any windows must be at least 3.5m above the installation. But, it may be reduced to 300mm provided that a non-combustible roof is installed between the containers and the window.
  • The installation must be at least 1m away from any windows.
  • The installation cannot be closer than 1m from an air brick and at least 2m from a forced draught inlet for air conditioner.
  • When an electrical source of ignition such as a switch box, distribution board, motor, generator, etc, is lower or at the same level as the LPG installation, it must be at least 5m away from the installation.

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