LP Gas and Legislation

The Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is regulated by SANS 10087-1:2013. SANS is the abbreviation for South African National Standard.

It regulates, amongst others, the following:

  • containers
  • appliances
  • safety distances
  • piping
  • fittings and ventilation requirements.

It is very important that your installation complies to everything needed for a safe and properly functioning installation. If you have a gas installation at your residence, are you in possession of a CoC (Certificate of Compliance)?

Gas Brothers' service isalways excellentvery affordableon time and neat installations

Owner installations. All gas installations are completely done by the owner who personally issues the CoC. By this we know of every centimetre of the installation. We take pride in our workmanship which is guaranteed for one year from installation. All products installed carry the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Gas Brothers work all over Gauteng and surrounding provinces. We have customers as far as Rustenburg & Witbank & Bronkhorstspruit. Our pricing is very competitive & realistic in the market. We average a ±90% quote acceptance rate for which we are very thankful. Gas Brothers work with various building contractors on new projects from start to finish.

We don't take any shortcuts with installations. Every installation is 100% in line with SANS 10087 according to which installations are done. A Certificate of Compliance is issued with every installation ... and on top of everything all quotations are free of charge.